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Furnish your Workspace with Cutting-Edge Furniture and Designs


Published 14th February 2018

If you are seeking for cutting-edge office furniture to revamp your business space, the incredible selection of contemporary office furniture at MIFF OFFICE, a designated office furniture section at MIFF 2018 in PWTC, will perfectly add an element of sophistication.  The sleek, efficient, chic, and inspiring pieces of modern office furniture available in different booths by leading manufacturers will help you create an office design that uniquely reflects your brand.

In the wake of changing modern technologies, it has become an imperative element for work furniture to meet the needs of storage, sophistication, and comfort besides being efficiently functional. From trendy chairs, modular desks, to ergonomically designed furniture pieces, the distinctive designs of office furniture are here to adapt to your workspace and promote not just increased productivity, but good well-being as well.

While these modern designs will make your meetings comfortable and increase collaboration, the extensive variety of dynamic active office seating aptly promotes movement while sitting. The vivid variety offered includes, but is not limited to, accent seating, cabinets, shelving, and table tops.

If you have been yearning to seek progressive and innovative designs in contemporary business furniture to foster productivity and infuse your office with your company’s unique character, the selections found at MIFF OFFICE are just right to satiate your needs. These stylish solutions are made up of high-quality materials and are available in numerous finish options, sizes, and configurations to lend your workspace a cohesive and professional look that you will be proud of.

This year, MIFF OFFICE features a group of office furniture manufacturing companies from Malaysia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan and many more, exhibiting their trendy and modern looking office furniture so you will have more options to choose from!

Take a sneak peek at some of our exhibitors’ product.

Oasis Furniture Industries, Malaysia
PWTC, Booth 2B23

Oasis Furniture Industries
Oasis Furniture Industries aims to offer office furniture ergonomically designed for health improvement. With its existing business partners from over 65 countries, Oasis constantly works towards improving the quality and delivery commitment to meet the market needs of office furniture buyers around the world.

Artmatrix Technology, Malaysia
PWTC, Booth 2A01

Artmatrix has today emerged as a brand that transforms art into functionality with suave and sleek high-quality office furniture. With its dedication to provide users with a whole new working experience, Artmatrix not only delivers but exceeds the expectations of its customers at every level.

Merryfair Chair System, Malaysia
PWTC, Booth 2B02

Merryfair Chair System
Since its inception in 1974, the company has been marketing its products to more than 100 countries and has succeeded in creating a niche in the market with furniture that has a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical value, functionality, durability and price.

Zhejiang Jiecang Linear Motion Technology, China
PWTC, Booth 2C16

Foshan Sitzone Furniture, China
PWTC, Booth 2C05

Foshan Sitzone Furniture, China

Anji Liansheng Furniture Factory, China
PWTC, Booth 1M01

Liansheng Furniture, China

Zhejiang Wuxing Furniture, China
PWTC, Booth 143

Zhejiang Wuxing Furniture specialises in manufacturing office chairs, mesh chairs, dining chairs, metal chairs, folding beds to name a few. Since its establishment in 1994, they have exported their products overseas to USA, EU, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and many more. 

Chair Meister, Korea
PWTC, Booth 2B40

Work Studio System, Malaysia
PWTC, Booth 2B28

Work Studio System

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