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It’s All about Wood


Published 22nd January 2018

Wooden home furnishings is the backbone of Malaysia’s furniture industry. The value of Malaysian wooden furniture is undoubtedly attractive as abundantly available Malaysian oak (rubberwood) as a suitable material for quality-made furniture. 

At MIFF, a world of both modern and traditional classic wood-based home furniture choices await your exploration. MIFF prides itself in bringing you an extensive collection of fine wooden furniture pieces by premium furniture manufacturers from Malaysia and around the world.

MIFF is your best sourcing place for high-quality wooden home furniture as our exhibitors can offer you with a new opportunity to explore the latest styles in modern and traditional classic furniture that the industry has to offer. 

Take a look at some of MIFF 2018 exhibitors' wooden home furniture collection.

Kinheng Furniture
Kinheng Furniture
PWTC, Booth 316    
 Favorite Design
 Favourite Design
 MITEC, Booth M818
Inception Design and Trading | MITEC, Booth M802
Inception Design and Trading
MITEC, Booth M802
 MITEC, Booth M311A   

Step Furniture
MITEC, Booth M703   
 Aik Chee Furniture
 Aik Chee Furniture
 PWTC, Booth 333
Hommax International
PWTC, Booth 116 
 Mau Sin Bentwood
 Mau Sin Bentwood Industry
 PWTC, Booth 4A02   
Mobilia Design
Mobilia Design
MITEC, Booth M617
 Masstige Deco
 Masstige Deco
 MITEC, Booth M1105B
PWTC, Booth 313
 Khoo Yu
 Khoon Yu Furniture
 MITEC, Booth M205


Featuring new segment in MIFF 2018 - MIFF Timber Mart

Lendecor Panel
MITEC, M612N     
 Chea-Ee Industries
 MITEC, M612N 
 Teknos Treffert
 Treffert Coatings
 MITEC, Booth M612G


Register as visitor now and be mesmerised with the beauty of wood at MIFF 2018, 8 - 11 March.

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