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A Brand New Sleep-Inspiring Experience with GETHA


Published 10th January 2018

The World Top Bedding Brand Presents New Sleep-Inspiring Experience at MIFF

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping on a mattress hence it is vital to choose a good mattress that support our body. Most people focus on the benefits of a mattress but tend to ignore the side effects of a bad mattress. It is important to have a good mattress to benefit your health and ensure sleep quality.

With 49 years of manufacturing experience, GETHA is known as the leading manufacturer of natural latex foam mattresses and bedding products in Malaysia.

GETHA Bedding

Awarded as the Brand of the Year for the third consecutive year during World Branding Awards 2017, GETHA strives to be an international and innovative high quality eco-friendly luxury bedding provider.

All products are proudly manufactured using 100% pure natural, high quality latex from only Malaysia which is renowned for its world class quality.

The company manufactures its product with the Dunlop technology process and its latest European automatic foaming machine and automated line.

Made in conformance to international specifications and had matched and passed various test standards.

Getha Biocare Mattress Series

The First Biocare Radiation Protection Mattress In Malaysia

GETHA proudly presents the first Radiation Protection COMPASS Biocare mattress series in Malaysia. This revolutionary Sleep Solution is targeted to promote wellness and quality of life through better quality sleep.

Non-ionized radiation is a threat to our sleep environment as it attacks and weakens our cells while we sleep. The Biocare Technology is exclusive to Getha and features Nano Technological Yarn fabric that acts as a magnetic barrier against EMF radiation. The Biocare Sleep System prevents electromagnetic energy flowing through the mattress and into our bodies and it is the first in Malaysia to provide a solution to the EMF threat.

The GETHA COMPASS Biocare Mattress can also help reduce stress, static electricity in our body and help regulate our body’s bio-rhythm to promotes excellent sleep quality. To safeguard the highest level of hygiene, Biocare also has antibacterial features to prevent disease and odour caused by bacteria.

GETHA Biocare Mattress

 For more information about GETHA, visit www.getha.com.my .

Visit GETHA Bedding at MIFF 2018: MITEC, Level 3, Booth M1015


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