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[EXCLUSIVE] Adapt to changing trends, firms urged


Published 9th December 2017

MALAYSIA’S timber-based manufacturers must adapt to changing requirements and demands of the global markets to remain competitive, says Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) deputy chief executive officer Richard Yu.

He said the local timber industry must continuously upgrade their product quality and production efficiency.

“Malaysian timber products are highly competitive as evidenced by our exports to more than 160 countries. By understanding the latest market trends and developments, exporters can plan their production and marketing strategies to comply with such requirements,” he told NST Business via email recently.

Yu said the local timber industry had evolved from producing sawn timber and plywood to making more diversified and value-added downstream products, such as furniture, flooring and bedding parts.

Malaysia is ranked among the world’s top exporters of tropical plywood, sawn timber and wooden furniture. The sector generates steady export earnings for the economy and is a major employer of highly-skilled carpentry and wooden-structured building personnel.

For the first nine months of this year, Malaysia’s timber exports increased 6.2 percent to more than RM17 billion from RM16 billion in the same period last year.

“In Malaysia, we have been practising Sustainable Forest Management since 1901. We have one of the best forest management systems to ensure regular and continuous supply of timber,” said Yu.

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