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New Trends in Office Lifestyles


Published 23rd November 2017

In today’s busy environment with ever-changing technology, a well-designed workplace is a norm, thus there is a need for furniture that will adapt to new and changing requirements. Smart choices in office furniture and design with flexibility in mind will lead to a more efficient and harmonious workplace.

Be part of MIFF Office in the coming Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) 2018 from March 8 to 11 which is a designated section at Level 2, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) that exclusively showcases a complete range of the latest and innovative solutions for office, other commercial spaces, and a wide range of specific needs.

This move is to provide a more concentrated and convenient sourcing experience to office furniture buyers at Southeast Asia’s biggest industry show. For the past 23 years, MIFF has built up an outstanding reputation for high quality and high value visited by buying professionals from around the world.

The health and well-being of employees is central importance and has a positive impact on happiness, and productivity in the workplace. The emergence of office furniture that promotes collaboration and conversation will see the gradual moving away from cubical segregation into a more open working environment. Offices also promote free spaces for workers, catering for an organic mix of collaboration and personal space.

Another interesting trend is residential-style furnishings in the office. It is believed that a more inspirational or comfortable workplace will help employees feel more creative and motivated. These trends and more can be seen at MIFF Office, a perfect platform for local manufacturers to showcase their new designs in office furniture and furnishings products.

Take a sneak preview of MIFF Office 2018 exhibitors.

Oasis Furniture Industries


Oasis Furniture Industries | PWTC, Booth No.:2B23

 Divide and Conquer!

Open-plan spaces are great … until you need a little privacy. But worry no more, the solution has arrived: Cossa, from Oasis Furniture Industries, is a flexible divider that allows designers to create semi-private boundaries for learning, workplace and lounge areas. In addition, the Cossa dividers are made with sound-absorbing material, which helps reduce noise in open-plan environments.


Euro Chairs Manufacturers | PWTC, Booth No.: 2B03

Flexibility to recreate workspace

Mobile lifestyle drives the way we work today and it has transformed most of the modern companies workspace, from the traditional rigid cubicles to open concept. Euro Chairs Manufacturers offers a range of 60 modular Elements that allows you to recreate your own office layout and design to cater modern fast pace working lifestyle, hospitality environment and educational and public environment of today!


Euro Chairs Manufacturers

 Zenith Projects Technology     Zenith Projects Technology | PWTC, Booth No.: 2C31

Privacy solution

ZT80 Functional panel system by Zenith Project Technology is designed for the solution of privacy and focusing priority on today’s open concept office environment. The ZT80 had functionality and flexibility to increase/ decrease of height base on each user demand and eco-friendly material are available in the product selection.


VS Office Furniture | PWTC, Booth No.: 2B26

Practical Workspaces for the Younger Generation

The Pyramid Leg Workstation from VS Office Furniture is breaking new ground in its novel and practical design. Geared to meet the needs of the younger generation, function meets freedom in this open workstation – creating open areas to foster creativity and promote collaboration.

     VS Office Furniture
 Aries Furniture     Aries Furniture | PWTC, Booth No.: 2B27

See Beauty in the Simple Things

The saying “less is more” aptly describes the latest workstation NETZSTATION from Aries Furniture. Simplicity begets efficiency in this workstation – a minimalistic design that keeps everything within arm’s reach. In addition, this workstation is available in different configurations to fit any office space – both simple and brilliant.

Kinsha Works | PWTC, Booth No.: 2B22

Sleek Design with Added Support

If you’re going to sit in the office, you might as well sit in style. Called the “V Personality,” this newly developed mesh chair series from KINSHA is as sleek as it is supportive. Eye-catching and ergonomically designed with adjustable lumbar support, a built-in slider plate for seat depth adjustment and a PU-moulded foam seat, this chair will suit anyone, from secretary to CEO.

     Kinsha Works

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