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From Toy Airplanes to Beautiful Hand-Made Furniture


Published 25th September 2017
Furnish Now August 2017

A Hungarian boy’s hobby turns into a lifetime of design craftsmanship



As a 10-year-old boy, Laszlo Szikszai used to play with wood a lot… but designing and making toy airplanes.


The budding designer started learning carpentry, building construction, working with solid wood and also timber construction. He soon realised that this was not for him.


“To be honest, the doors and windows weren’t too exciting for me. I had a great master and I loved and still love to work with wood but I knew it at once, I won’t work as a carpenter, not even for a minute. I wanted more,” said Mr. Szikszai


He first began to draft furniture designs when he was a 14-year-old teenager.


“They were rather copies with a hint of original taste but to tell the truth they weren’t too impressive,” he said modestly.


He became a wood engineer instead and later on, began learning about design. Then he went to university where he concentrated on interior architecture and wood architecture.



Design Inspirations and the Birth of Sixay Furniture


In 1994, Mr. Szikszai began working in Vienna. In 1995, he started his own business under the name Sixay Furniture. His first range of furniture was born. It is still sold today.


Now his company is an international furniture brand renowned for its excellent design, the unique style, the superb ergonomics, the durability and the timelessness of its pieces.


Its range of chairs, stools, tables, beds, and various other pieces designed to last a lifetime is handcrafted by highly skilled cabinet makers.


The high level of craftsmanship is evident in its distinctive and gentle shapes ergonomic design, the careful choice of materials, and superior build quality, all of which make the company’s furniture stand out.



Of Practicality and Functionality


For Mr. Szikszai, practicality is always at the forefront of his designs, whether it be for kids’ furniture or living room sets.


“In the first place always functionality – the probable need of the future owner – and only then follows the design. It is in very rare situations – or I can say almost never – that I sacrifice the maximal functionality on the altar of design,” he said.


“My goal is from the beginning to invent and create something lasting and of long standing. In my eyes, the things which are not functional are not even really beautiful. What is uncomfortable can’t be nice,” he explained.



What’s next for Sixay Furniture?


In recent years, Sixay Furniture has moved towards introducing its pieces to Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.


Since last year, the company has forged a partnership with XTRA Furniture Malaysia which celebrated its 21st birthday with a version of Sixay’s quirky and cool PARIPA (MUSTANG) rocking horse for adults. The breath-taking beautifully-designed horse can hold up to a weight of 150kgs.


There is also a children’s version, known as PARIPA MINI, which is ergonomically-shaped, functional, with fine joinery and no loose pieces to ensure a safe and fun ride for everyone. Made with beech plywood and walnut saddle, or birch plywood on individual orders, the surface of the horse is treated only with natural materials, wax and oil, and is the perfect gift and hardwearing toy for children and big kids alike.


Along with the company’s foray into this region, its participation at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair 2017 proved an eye-opener.


“The fair itself is really interesting through the eyes of someone arriving from Europe. I was really surprised that I could hardly find some furniture made from solid wood in a country where wood has a leading position,” said Mr. Szikszai. 



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