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Revealing the Beauty of Wood Furniture


Published 11th January 2017



Wooden home furnishings is the backbone of Malaysia’s furniture industry. This is thanks in large part to local manufacturers’ great talent and skill in creating beautiful pieces out of wood, attracting customers the world over. Their mastery of the material can, in fact, be gleaned at international exhibitions like the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF). Here, they make sure that international buyers will always have something to look forward to by injecting innovation, new technology, and versatility into their latest collections.


Ah Hai Industries

MECC, Booth C10

Environment-friendliness and sustainability pushed Ah Hai to alter the DNA of their Hevea wood to make the material suitable for outdoor furniture. Through their high temperature drying (HTD) system, a technology adopted from Europe, Hevea is made stronger and a lot more versatile. It is also much more resistant to decay, weathering, and humidity, thereby increasing its lifespan.


“Ah Hai’s High-Temperature Drying system produces different grades of durability for Hevea, making it possible for us to create high-quality outdoor furniture out of the material,” shared Evelyn Ong, the company’s General Manager. “We also take pride in the fact that no resins or chemicals are used during the entire process in keeping with our mission to provide green alternative products for dining, kitchen, and even outdoor furniture”, she added.


Inception Design and Trading

PWTC, Booth 330


Always exploring and thinking two steps ahead, design director Philip Khor is now trying to introduce the idea of wood slab furniture to their customers. According to him, the unpredictable nature of the grain of wood slabs brings with it a certain charm that normal veneer lacks.


“I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of solid wood slab”, said Mr Khor. “Its uniqueness also elevates the value of our furniture. For example, when we use wood slab for our bedroom design, it challenges us and along the way, we find more use for the slab.”


Inception Design and Trading is nor taking advantage of its production capacity by introducing more functionality to wood slab. “For instance, we have installed drawers and storage compartments on a solid wood slab for our TV cabinet design,” shared Mr Khor. “Another example is a workstation with all the necessary storage space. Our intention is to bring people closer to nature and bring this element into their living/ working space,” he added.



PWTC, Booth 4A01


To provide another alternative to rubberwood for international buyers, Furncrest has turned to other wood materials like mindi, pine, oak and especially acacia for their dining, living room and bedroom sets.


“Acacia is a species of wood that has different colours on the wood grain. You can find dark and light colours on a piece of wood”, said Jimmy Er, Furncrest’s Executive Director. “When you laminate it together, you can still see the natural beauty of the wood. To make it more attractive, we add colour effects using a wire brush as well as some sandblasting treatment to provide an antique look to the furniture”.

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