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Ergonomically Designed to Enhance Productivity


Published 17th November 2016

A workstation that is not ergonomically designed can cause tight muscle due to stress and long hour of sitting behind a desk. At MIFF Office, our exhibitors offer a wide range of office furniture collection that designed to meet the goal of ergonomics which can enhance the working environment.


Check out on what our exhibitors have to offer at MIFF Office.


OASIS Furniture Industries

PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B23

Adapting the philosophy of healthy comfort and user-friendly design, office seatings are made to meet wellbeing's natural sitting postures and movement at work with the highest standard of quality and ideal degree of intuitive adjustability, exuding beyond a symbol of high performance from open office to private office.


Euro Chairs Manufacturer

PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B03

Blueprint, office furniture collection by Euro Chairs Manufacturer combines a lightweight structure with white for general and executive office compositions that are both attractive and elegantly integrated with melamine or high-pressure laminate.


Distinctive and functional, this unique furniture system is available in pre-configured options or, can be customised using flexible modular components to form many shapes.


Best of all, components can be dismantled within minutes, to adapt to various office settings.


Aries Furniture

PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B38

By selecting the suitable office furniture is an important element in the overall growth and success of a business organisation. Aries Furniture has come up with the concept of minimalism office furniture design called Rozell Series. It kept as simple yet classy to help business owners create a professional image for a top management in their office premises.


Artmatrix Technology

PWTC, Hall 2A, Booth 2A01

An intrusion of unwanted noise in a workplace can be so distracting which bring negative impact to the employee as they’re unable to focus.


Net@work by Artmatrix Technology provides innovation solution for an agile workplace that served as concentrated personal working or collaborative team working environment. The panel consisting of a good absorptive material offers great acoustic sound-proofing characteristic which absorbs disruptive sounds and reduces noise on surroundings.


Nexus Office System

PWTC, Hall 2A, Booth 2A03

Finding ergonomically designed office chair that is comfortable and has the ability to support your body is quintessential to boost employees’ performance as our body was not designed to sit for long hours which may lead to fatigue and pain.


The Zenith Chair by Nexus Office System is designed to provide both a comfortable and expressive choice. Its top characteristics include its universal appeal, wide range of application and fantastic scope of colour.


LINAK Actuators

PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B13

LINAK’s inline column DL12 takes you higher, with sleek design and more standard features than ever.


LINAK raises the bar on electric height adjustable desk design systems, with the addition of the DL12 to the innovative DESKLINE® inline column family.


The DL12 is intended for desks without crossbar ensuring optimum freedom of design without compromising on stability. The DL12 offers exciting new attributes - like PIEZO™, LINAK’s hardware based anti-collision technology, preventing damage to office equipment.


Luoyang Light (Group) Office Furniture

Luoyang Light (Group) Office Furniture Co. Ltd is specialised manufacture of steel office furniture. The products have a wide range and series including library furniture series, office furniture series, safe box series, school and supermarket equipment, electronic bag deposit cabinet and coin-dropped cabinet.


Henglin Chair Industry

Henglin Chair Industry Co. Ltd have developed simple but refined product characteristic and style based on their principle of environment-protective, safe and ergonomic. Up to date, they have produced more than one hundred categories of chairs in various functions and styles, with more than 60 items of the patent.



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