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A Sneak Peek at MIFF 2017


Published 31st October 2016


MIFF 2017 is coming your way in four-month time!

Take a glimpse of what our exhibitors have to offer at MIFF 2017. Come and be amazed at the variety of designs on display awaits you!

Reserve your place in the dining room

Acacia Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd

Featuring the Acacia Home Furnishing Sdn Bhd best seller for the year of 2016, this setting is a unique combination of Acacia Wood and metal that can set your dining and living room perfectly.

LF Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd Wonderful Furniture (M) Sdn Bhd


Cosy bed for a good night sleep

TITOV Home Design 

TITOV Home Design is proud to present the latest addition to its quality bedroom series; NEDOLA. The warmth of wood through its natural colours and wood profile will lighten your mood and the finishing is the quality that you definitely would want in your bedrooms.


Topgard Resources Sdn Bhd 

Infurnex Resources (M) Sdn Bhd


Redefine workplace at MIFF Office

Euro Chairs Manufacturer

Blueprint, office furniture collection by Euro Chairs Manufacturer combines a lightweight structure with white for general and executive office compositions that are both attractive and elegantly integrated with melamine or high-pressure laminate.

Distinctive and functional, this unique furniture system is available in pre-configured options or, can be customised using flexible modular components to form many shapes.

Best of all, components can be dismantled within minutes, to adapt to various office settings.


Oasis Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd

APEX Office Furniture Exporter Sdn Bhd


Experience comfort in your living room


Inter Sofa Industries

Sofa is the most quintessential furniture in a living room as it brings people together. The trendy sofa design by the Inter Sofa Industries fully exposed wooden frame which highlights the materials and construction of the sofa so it will definitely bring up the best solution for a living room.


Anji Xinpeng Home Supplies Co. Ltd

Yee Guan Furniture Manufacturing Sdn Bhd


Take a sit and enjoy the outdoors

Lagoon International Corp

The detail of ZigoZago holds an aesthetic and functional value and it becomes the fastening element for the seatback upper section cover; the cover can be easily removed and its available in different fabrics, to customise the chair. The shell, with its recognisable and captivating profile, is inspired by nature’s geometry - by leaves in particular - and it’s characterised by veining and ribbing which confer resistance to the material while lightening it.


Huzhou Dali Metal

Huzhou Abest Casting Co. Ltd.


A little thing that can beautify the room

TMH Furniture Industries

Stylish and sturdy, TMH Furniture Industries brings the two most important features in furniture to you. From elegance to rusticity, it fits your polished and eclectic tastes.

Their signature bent veneer collection will wow you with its gentle comfort, yet they do not compromise on its design, presenting to you a modern Scandinavian aesthetic perfect for dining in style.


Anji Haiwei Furniture Co. Ltd.

Anji Baina Furniture Factory