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MIFF Office - Designated Office Halls at MIFF 2017


Published 27th September 2016

Over the past 22 years, MIFF is the only trade show in Southeast Asia featuring an extensive and the biggest collections of modern workspace solutions in the region.

MIFF 2017's highlight - MIFF OFFICE, presenting a complete range of the latest and innovative solutions for commercial, home office and a wide range of specific needs in designated halls at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from 8-11 March 2017.

MIFF OFFICE will showcase over 130 companies from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Korea and Indonesia displaying executive office chairs, desks, workstations, furniture for conference/meeting room, reception area, partitions and storage solutions.

In the wake of changing modern technologies, it has become an imperative element for work furniture to meet the needs of storage, sophistication, and comfort besides being efficiently functional. From trendy chairs, modular desks, to ergonomically designed furniture pieces, the distinctive designs of office furniture are here to adapt to your workspace and promote not just increased productivity, but good well-being as well.


                    Merryfair Chair System                                                      Artmatrix Technology


                    Euro Chairs Manufacturers                                                Wintech Metal Processing


Safari Office System

International buyers from around the world visit MIFF, as an exhibitor for 19 years, our products have become a favourable choice for buyers from many countries, including Japan and India. We are now focusing on penetrating to the Europe and America markets and we are confident that through the MIFF platform, we can achieve our goal.


Oasis Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd

MIFF has certainly opened up more overseas markets for us. This is our 12th time and we always achieve satisfactory results. Our new "Liveable Office" concept that addresses noise distractions in an open office and enhances work efficiency, so that a company can have a better work environment, achieve better performance, build better employee relationship and be able to retain talent.


If you have been yearning to seek progressive and innovative designs in contemporary business furniture, the selections at MIFF are just right to satiate your needs.

More info of MIFF Office, read here.