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How to Make Furniture Look Good at Exhibitions


Published 14th July 2016
Funish Now June 2016

It takes about three seconds to catch a client’s attention in almost all trade shows.

You will be perceived and noticed only in that period. If they see even one thing of interest within these three seconds then you just bought yourself more time with the client to make potential sales and to gather some contracts.


Pleasing to the Eye

A good booth should be a simple but aesthetic one. It should not be too complex and the layout should be an easy one so that it may facilitate the perception of the customer. The balance that you asked for should be achieved with the help of using a good concept, a good design with the harmony of several factors like colours, lighting, and accessories, among others.



Homey Atmosphere

The 1st prize winner of BPA Shell Scheme booth category, Seow Buck Sen Furniture design their booth the idea “our home is your home’ to attract visitors.


“We design the booth like a two-bedroom condominium which has a master bedroom, living hall and children’s bedroom. It can help our customers have a clear idea on the combination of furniture and how to fully utilize the space based on product size. We decorate the booth just like what we do at home. You will feel at home when you visit our booth.”






Products are the main focus of a show, but if your booth is not-eye-catching enough, your efforts may be wasted. Accessories are the soul of the room. A pair of table lamps, a piece of soft carpet and a piece of porcelain vase on the dressing table will definitely create the atmosphere but also pull all the pieces together to give your space a finished look and make the room space look bigger and fell cozy.




Accessible Booth

Keep in mind that the main purpose to be in an exhibition is to show the products and services to the users and not just the company branding.  So design a booth that can let visitors explore and understand easily what services and products you are providing is important.



Limited Space

Displaying all products with limited booth space is a challenge. Overly done booths turn off customers. When you have limited space, you have to decide on what to bring and what not to bring. Too much products can be very confusing for customers. Make sure that all of the positions of display units are designed to be easily seen and understood by customers. A booth should have a clear and simple message without having to give up its aesthetic and harmonic values.



Customer Relations

Making a sales does not rely solely on beautifully designed booths. How the exhibitors interact with their customers essentially make or break the deal.

Make sure your staff show professionalism, have full understanding of the products and have confidence when selling to customers. Treat your buyers like your friends. Enjoy the business talk and the client will always remember you. First impression last.


Good Furniture

Good furniture should inspire quality, design and comfort. Make sure your furniture does not disappoint once customers are inside your booth. Eclecticism is the buzzword now in furniture design for both home and office furniture. The sense of comfort and the technical solutions have become so diverse nowadays that a continuous blending of different styles can be considered completely normal. 


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