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Show Updates - MIFF 2016


Published 4th March 2016


Issue 4  | 04 March 2016
MIFF 2016 will run until 5 March at PWTC and MECC,
Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) 2016 is paving the way for even bigger and better shows in the future! As in the previous year, MIFF 2016 is more than just an exhibition. It’s also a great platform for individuals and companies to learn more about the industry, network and form new business relations.  

Event highlights have included the daily MIFF Furniture Design Competition (FDC) showcase culminating in a prize presentation ceremony yesterday, Buyers’ Night and industry seminars from a panel of international speakers. Read more
> Furniture Marketing Strategy: Lessons from Italy
The Italian furniture industry is very much dominated by independent SMI stores run by families, and they thrive on providing added value and bespoke services to clients.In a seminar entitled: `Market Penetration: Furniture In Italy’, Mauro Mamoli, president of Federmobili (Italian “Since their business set-ups are small, it’s not possible for these furniture companies to buy or produce in large quantities; thus they rely on offering quality, value-added services,” shared Mr. Mamoli.  Read more
> Working and Designing with the Australian market
Furniture is not purely a manufacturing industry, said Australian Furniture Association chief executive Patrizia Torelli. It is very much the exact opposite of it. “It’s a creative process, requiring a great level of detail and passion,” said Ms. Torelli. “Furniture is sexy. You have to make it sexy.”  Read more
> Dining with Art  
Dinner with friends and family becomes an elevated experience with Civic Tai’s dining sets with tiled table tops printed with art. The 12-year-old company has markets in the US, UK, Russia, and Middle East. Aside from tiles, Civic Tai also use rubberwood as material for its dining furniture.

Civic Tai Manufacturing Booth 126, PWTC Hall 1
> Designer Seat
This coffee chair by Mau Sin Bentwood will certainly turn heads with its modern and unique design. An oversize curved seat with rounded leg, the chair is made entirely of rubberwood veneer, with the leg painted in white.

Mau Sin Bentwood Industry Booth 4A02, PWTC Hall 4A
>Partition-and-Sofa in One
What this simple sofa may lack in aesthetic appearance, it makes up for in its dual-purpose feature. Made by veteran lounge furniture maker, LP Furniture World, this Designer Sofa can be seen in the lounges of big hotels in and outside of Malaysia. This awesome seat not just provides comfort but provides partition to your space as well, perfect for hotel lounges!

LP Furniture World Booth 333, PWTC Hall 3  
>> And much more! Click here to download your copy of the
Official MIFF 2016 - Show Update (Day 1 to Day 4)

Come visit MIFF 2016 which will run until 5 March at
PWTC and MECC, Kuala Lumpur!
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