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Japanese Exhibitors to Debut at MIFF 2016


Published 4th January 2016

 “Essence of Japan”

Looking for professional interiors solutions and finely finished furniture? MITSUI Pavilion here to fulfill your sourcing needs.


"We are EXPERT to CREATE a NEW SPACE to meet your dream"

MITSUI Designtec, the Japan renown interiors solution provider joined by Asahi, France Bed Co Ltd, Meuble Co Ltd, Nagano Interior Industry, CSS Tokyo and Duke have chosen to debut at MIFF 2016.

Established in 1980, Mitsui Designtec is a subsidiary of Mitsui Home Co Ltd based in Tokyo. They are professional expert group of creative space and proposing a NEW SPACE UTILITIES for customer’s needs. MITSUI Designtec provides consulting, design solutions and construction services for office, hotel, and retail space, interior designing and sells interior products.

Interiors designers, architects, developers, properties owners, hoteliers and project managers, feel free to visit MITSUI’s booth at PWTC, Hall 4B, Booth 4B01. 


Asahi Co Ltd

Manufacturing high quality furniture by eco & human -friendly material based on a theme - Environment, Health and Comfortableness.

 Pianura PR    Pianura PR

Pianura PR - PIANURA means grassland in Italian. The shape of the seat surface and the elbow xylem make us imagine of grassland. Xylem is fully made of wood, but a line of xylem is nicely designed and shaped so it gives us a simple and neat impression overall. It gives a luxurious space because of its presence.

Horn   Horn

Horn PR - The shape of this sofa is soft curved from top to bottom. It emphasise of comfort and the 97cm back style gives you enough support to head. Also, it gives you an extra comfort with leaning back like wrapped with feathers. The foot parts are wide and open, so the cleaning robot can be used.


Meuble Co Ltd

"THE LIVING SPECIALIST" - Meuble is specialised in developing and manufacturing living furniture. Used of natural wood materials - solid wood and veneer, Meuble apply fine materials in the furniture manufacturing in order to come out with good furniture whoch is high quality and durable.


Meuble's design is simple and modern, easy and friendly to use with home appliances and cable storage.


Nagano Interior Industry Co Ltd

Pride of Quality - Conceived in Japan. Created in Japan

Nagano Interior was established in 1946. It produces fine hand-carfted wooden furniture for living room and dining room. It supplies outdstanding furntiure by balancing the factors of quality, price and reliable delivery. The standard of quality at Nagano Interior includes durability and eco-friendliness.



Nagano Interior - Bringing the warmth of solid to homes and other interiors


France Bed Co Ltd

France Bed Co Ltd was founded in 1946 to promote well-being and happiness in society through the four key areas of research and development over the last half century: health and well-being,sleep care, nursing care, and medical care.


Accenta Series - France Bed would like to introduce a new bed frame design with the special coloring and stereoscopic graphic print technology which is only used by France Bed factory in Japan.


CSS Tokyo Co Ltd

CSS Tokyo is a curtain specialist, and has been establishing in Tokyo for approximately 50 years.  It supplies color variations cloth for chair and shape-memory processing curtains which meet designer's preference. CSS famous brand is KOSMU (KOSUMU) -KOSMU UNITED,KOSMU ZEN and KOSMU Furinkazan includes flame-proof curtain, natural material such as linen, wool, silk, the cotton, cloth collection for the hospitality & contract, the accessories such as a trim, the fringe, cloth for the chair tension(flame-proof, water-repellent finishing).



Duke Co Ltd


Providing vessel and furniture with excellent material and techniques from Japan to fullfill the customer's needs. Duke provides best suitable product to the customers by keeping good relationship.


Please touch and feel the quality of the products from Japan.

To have a special session with MITSUI Pavilion at MIFF 2016, please email [email protected]