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A Date With Shinichi Mitsuki - 2015 Interior Design Trends Seminar


Published 11th November 2015

Attended by 120 participants from design institutions, interior design firms, architects and MIFF exhibitors, "The 2015 Interior Design Trends Seminar - A Date with Shinichi Mitsuki" concluded successfully on 26 Oct 2015 at Putra World Trade Centre.

Shinichi Mitsuki is an award-winning designer with unique perspective and extensive experience in concepts and a range of fields including space design direction, product development consulting and branding. As head of design management with Mitsui Designtec, a subsidiary of Mitsui Home Co Ltd based in Tokyo, he is also in charge of the trend marketing division and is a familiar figure at Milan’s annual Salon De Mobile and numerous international design events.


Mr Mitsuki shared his observation and findings on the latest interior design trends with the participants:

1. Color Trend:

    a.  Single Color Combination - Deep Black Tones; Warm and Cool Gray Tones

    b.  Accent Colors - Peppermint Green, Sage Green, Tea Green; Salmon Pink, Smoky Rose Pink

    c.  Red Color Variations - Deep Red and Bordeaux; Vermillion Red and Purple.

2. Material Trends:

    a. Wood Trends - Plain Finished Walnut; Characteristic Dark Wood; Lightness Expression

    b. Fine Matellic Finish

    c. Marble in Retro-Modern Expression

    d. Transparent Material; Translucent Gradation; Blown Glass; See-through

    e. Natural Fine Leather

    f. Hand-Knitting Mesh

    g. Classic Velvet

    h. Pattern Trends - Tie- Dyeing; Indigo Dyeing; Impressive Graphical Patterns; Handcrafted Ethnic Patterns

3. Form Trends:

    a. Organic Form - Unbalanced; Round Shape

    b. Artistic Frame - Graphical Shapes; Retrospective Design

4. Space Trend - Retro Modernity; Nostalgic Feminine