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Be more than a Designer


Published 26th August 2015
Furnish Now Show News 2015

As the brains behind the collaboration between the Malaysian Timber Council and MIFF - "Designing with Malaysian Hardwood" - internationally acclaimed Malaysian designer Philip Yap demonstrates through his No1 colletion how to combine research, good design and available resources to create designs that have aesthetic and commerical appeal.

Furniture makers MUST think about statistics, technology, and research what's marketable. Philip Yap drew upon one of the top four furniture styles today: Scandinavian mid-century - which is rich in culture and history.

"Furniture is like fashion," Mr Yap plays with interesting shapes, details and fabrics, which gives a modern twist to the otherwise retro design. "The fabric that we use reflects the style and taste today," he said.

Why Scandinavian? A furniture designer must pay attention to consumer needs. The Scandinavian style appeals strongly to the younger generation, who love simplicity, elegant proportions and timelessness. "You must research, research, and research before you can find a direction or purpose for design," he said.



The collection uses a combination of rubberwood and Sepetir, a Malaysia-found hardwood. "By rendering it with good designs, we can position ourselves to a higher budget market. In return, better margins give us a buffer to nurture good designers."

Designing furniture is not a singular venture. "You must assemble various disciplines to achieve the desired results," he said. "What I want to show is the effort of collaboration. We have to look beyond the collection."

Philip's collection sends out a strong message to furniture makers: Aim higher. By tapping into two winning factors - the red-hot revival of retro designs, made famous in the 50s and 60s, and a clever mix of materials that elevates the value of the furniture - the collection positions itself for the higher value market segment.


Philip Yap can be contacted through [email protected].

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