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Secrets of Success At MIFF


Published 13th July 2015
Furnish Now June 2015

First Impression Matter - Lencasa

First impression matter, the way your booth is presented is the first crucial step to make buyers stop at your booth. Product quality, marketablity, and price are all equally important - but the way you present your booth in the first on the list. (www.lencasa.com)


A Product Tells A Story - Oasis Furniture

Bold and dynamic enough to embrace and adapt to changes in the industry in order to meet market demands through the years, Oasis Furniture has created some of the most original designs and executed technological innovations that are irresistibly interesting. (www.oasis.com.my)


Strength in Booth Presentation - Home Best

Home Best realised how a well-designed booth can make a company's products appear more valuable. Through strong booth presentation, branding and marketing, customers can know the quality, service and reliability, as well as the professionalism and improvement of the company. (www.homebest.com)


Branding is Critical - BJ Cabinet

A strong brand concept is what makes clients stick with you. BJ Cabinets realised an attaractive booth is creatical to leave a good impression for clients, so that they will give you the chance to present your brand to them. (www.bjcabinet.com)


Building International Company Reputation - Decortage

Decortage learnt that exhibiting at MIFF is important to build up a strong mutual business relationship and provide clients with excellent after-sales services. Working hard on booth presentation would resonate with the company's motto: "A Place Where You Can Find Out Very Best". (www.decortage.com)


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