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It's Quality Over Quantity


Published 16th April 2015

It wasn’t the best of years for most businesses, but there was still plenty to smile 

about as Malaysia’s largest trade exhibition concluded last month on a high.


Posed with uncertain economic conditions, the surging US dollar and slump in oil prices 

for the past year, visitorship were recorded at 18,000. Most regions maintained a 

steady turn-up to the show with the exception of Europe and Africa with significant 

declines from Russia, Ukraine and the Ebola-stricken West African states. Despite that, 

MIFF 2015 defied the odds and took encouragement from yet another solid show which 

recorded their second highest ever sales of US$865 million - a reminder of why MIFF 

is the most sought-after furniture sourcing destination of the region. Quality over 

quantity indeed!


Was it really a concern when visitorship plunged? As long as the serious buyers were 

still coming, apparently not. Mr Tey, managing director of Home Best was adamant that 

it is the quality of buyers that matters. “Our sales was better than 2014, we sold a 

lot to buyers from US and smaller countries of Africa and South America. We have already 

booked our space for MIFF 2016.”


It shows the strength in demand of Malaysian furniture, and the strong appeal MIFF has in 

attracting exhibitors worldwide with 508 companies coming in from 15 countries and regions 

- MIFF’s highest ever.

Overseas exhibitors were buoyant with the results especially in tough times like these.

A delighted Shunde Furniture Association from China, which brought over 20

exhibitors to MIFF for the first time and sealed 50% of deals on the opening day of

the show, announced “all of them received great response and they definitely will

come back again next year.”


The exhibition has appealed to lots of newcomers too. MIFF welcomed over a hundred new 

debutants this year which added more dynamism and variety to the delight of visiting buyers.


“This is our first time exhibiting in MIFF at MECC and the response has been very good.” 

A grinning Eric Lee of Deep Living Sdn Bhd said. "MIFF is the most established Malaysian 

furniture export organiser with more than 20 years of history, so obviously this was our 

first choice for us to get into the export market. There were a lot of foreign buyers and 



With barely a month gone since 2015's edition wrapped-up, already there's an upbeat atmosphere

with half of furniture manufacturers already confirming their participation next March, assuring

another smashing episode in the making.