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Exhibitor Focus 8


Published 11th February 2015


A variety of countries, a variety of furniture!

MIFF 2015 will feature exhibitors from a total of 13 countries and regions with the bulk of 

it coming from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Korea. In particular, given the number 

of participating companies, Chinese and Taiwanese exhibitors will have their very 

own halls!



Anji ShuangFeng Furniture Factory (Booth no. 2B09)

You might notice a lot of “Anji’s” in MIFF’s China Hall. Those that are familiar 

would know that Anji is a county of Huzhou (Northwestern of the Zhejiang province) 

that is one of the top producers of furniture in China. Anji ShuangFeng Furniture 

to name a few is a manufacturer and trading company established in year 2007. The 

factory specializes in commercial furniture, dining furniture, especially bar stools 

and metal chairs.


ShuangFeng assures you the quality of the products through their many pioneering 

production lines, such as tube bending, stamping line, pre-treatment line, powder 

coating line, sewing line, and packing line. Not only does this ensure products of 

exceptional quality, but also controls cost. By choosing ShuangFeng, you chose a 

professional supplier and an a credible business partner.

New on the market - Model leisure dining chair with PU leather (Dining Room Furniture)


Match Well Holdings Limited (Booth no. 127C)

MATCH WELL HOLDINGS LIMITED is a holding company established in 2008. MATCH WELL 

HOLDINGS LIMITED knows how to choose the right products for different markets with 

the best design and matching technology. MATCH WELL HOLDINGS LIMITED has built up 

solid partnership with different factories holding different technological know-how 

and product orientation so as to provide all kinds of construction materials (chairs 

and sanitary wares) to every buyer up to his/her satisfaction.




Mart Tiller (Booth no. 4C06)

Established in 1981, Mart Tiller promotes refined, high-quality urban lifestyle designed 

for your discerning markets. With a worldwide reach, Mart Tiller guarantees competitive 

pricing and prompt delivery that consistently benefits their customers with a long term 

commitment to research and development. Enjoy their Knocked down furniture themed around 

contemporary comfort. Your customized packaging and mixed orders are most welcomed. 


Gauss Seating (Booth no. 4C12)

Gauss Furniture, founded in 1992 has rich experience in manufacturing all ranges of public 

seating. They have been one of the leading brands of auditorium seating amongst the industry. 

It is has always been Gauss’s goal and interest to provide high quality, innovative and 

comfortable seating for the users. They offer exclusive service and technical assistance 

to all their customers, and it is no wonder their customer base has an extremely wide reach, 

from stadiums, music halls to hundreds of university halls domestically and overseas. 


Offian Co Ltd (Booth no. 2C17A)

Offian boasts a group of highly creative designers with a touch of outstanding aesthetic 

sense. They specialize in product design, furniture design and decorative lifestyle items 

design. Offian’s design team consists of specialists within the core industrial design areas 

including design research, 2D styling, and visual design. This special combination gives them 

the ability to fully manage the whole industrial design process. Offian offers you a one-stop 

design development solution starting from the initial design research to the office furniture 

and education furniture.



Sun Safes Mfg Co (Booth no. 2B16)

Sun Safes was founded in 1972 and has since earned a reputation for supplying high-

quality safes and delivering the very best customer services. As a leader in the Korean 

safe market, Sun Safes has, over the years, developed many technologies and accumulated

a vast amount of know-how. A great record of protecting valuables from fire or burglary, they 

have till date, more than 100 satisfied partners.


Did you know that Sun Safes is the only company that passed both the fire-resistant and shock-

resistant tests from UL at the same time for the first time in Asia? By the way, the UL, is one of the world's

leading product safety testing and certification organizations. UL is synonymous with safety, and its UL Mark

is probably the most recognized and trusted symbol of safety in the world.




PT Cahaya Sakti Furintraco (Booth no. 2B47)

PT Cahaya is a true powerhouse of knock-down furniture in Indonesia and has been

in the business since 1983. They provide all kinds of furniture including bedroom,

kitchen, children, living and office furniture. The products are created using state of

the art machineries through ISO 14001 standards. 

Quality control process starts from our incoming raw material, production process untill the

delivery of finished goods. New high technology machinery are involved in every detail of the

process. PT Cahaya has implemented the Business Solutions Software ERP (Enterprise Resource

Planning) world scale system from IFS (Industrial Financial System).


PT Ocean Centra Furnindo (Helux) (Booth no. C02)

PT Ocean Centra Furnindo (Helux) is a well-known manufacturer of mattresses in Indonesia for

decades and have recently started collaborating with Malaysian distributors. They are undeniably unique,

Helux mattresses uses Reebotech, the latest sleeping support technology filling mattresses with

pure Negative Ions which have numerous positive impacts on your health. Basically, these negative

ions strengthens the body's immune system, the functions of autonomic nerves and reinforces collagen.

Besides, they also use specially formulated foam to contour to the user's body at any temperature and 

gives extra comfort whilst reducing pressure points that cause you to toss and turn.

Bid farewell to sleepless nights and sore backs. Helux welcomes you to a world of luxury bedding

and health sleep. Each of their beds exudes contemporary sophistication finished off with stylish