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The Muar The Merrier


Published 28th January 2015

For what Muar lacks in size, it makes up in furniture. Internationally known as 

the furniture hub of Malaysia, it supplies almost half of the country's annual 

exports. That’s nearly RM4 billion! 


That is quite a sum coming from a relatively small city, and without a doubt Muar 

is the most significant contributor to the booming furniture business in Malaysia. 

Hence, it is only fitting that MIFF has its very own 'Muar hall' located at the MATRADE

Exhibition & Convention Centre (MECC) which plays host to a century of exhibitors.


In recent years, the Muar hall has really sprung to life across all furniture categories.

The rejuvenation of course has to partly be attributed to the strategic alliance between the

Muar Furniture Association (MFA) and MIFF since 2013. It's music to trade visitor's ears as

they will be guaranteed with more buying choices, value and additional business contacts.


“In 2013, we took a decisive step to become a strategic partner of MIFF and UBM, 

the organiser of the fair.” Mr Neo, MFA president said. “We are happy to build a strong

relationship with UBM, a proven international trade show organiser with a strong global

network that provides professional service with world class standard.”  


Muar - home to over 700 furniture manufacturers, you would expect the city produces a wide 

range of high quality furniture - Bedroom set, Dining Set, Living Room set, rattan 

set, office furniture, outdoor furniture, sofa set, Children set, you name it. Best of all,

you can witness it all at MIFF 2015.

Deese Furniture Sdn Bhd    

Deese Furniture Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall D-04, MECC)

Sweet Home Concept Sdn Bhd    

Sweet Home Concept Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall D-03, MECC)


Home Upholstery Industries (Booth no. Hall E-16, MECC)

Idea Style Furniture Sdn Bhd   

Idea Style Furniture Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E - 07, MECC)

Ker Global Furniture Sdn Bhd

KGF Resources (M) Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E - 13, MECC)

Kian Swee Seng Industries Sdn Bhd   

Kian Swee Seng Industries Sdn Bhd (Booth no. E - 24, MECC)

Sheng Yong Furniture

Sheng Yong Furniture (Booth no. Hall E - 27(a), MECC)

Simewood Product Sdn Bhd 

Simewood Product Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E-27 (B), MECC)

Meuble Vince Collection Sdn Bhd 

Meuble Vince Collection Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E-20, MECC)

Poh Keong Industries Sdn Bhd

Poh Keong Industries Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E-32, MECC)

Sern Kou Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd   

Sern Kou Furniture Industries Sdn Bhd (Booth no.Hall E-15, MECC)

Muar Industries Sdn Bhd

Muar Industries Sdn Bhd (Booth no. Hall E-10A, MECC)