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Exhibitor Focus 6


Published 7th January 2015

For the very first time in Malaysia, Bulgaria’s largest woodcarving 

studio – Usta Darin will be exhibiting at MIFF 2015. An expert manufacturer 

of exquisite wood interiors for offices, houses, hotels, churches, etc. 

Their priorities are unconventional solutions of high artistic value.


They do all sorts of skilled wood carving; feast your eyes on some of their

ceiling woodcarvings, doors and cupboards for a start.

The unique works of Master Darin Bozhkov of Bulgaria are not your 

average furniture. As the makers themselves describe their much sought

after chairs: "not quite a chair nor a sculpture, but a masterpiece for sure".


The handmade chair amazes at first glance with its exclusive design, 

perfection, exquisite detail, and the warmth of the materials used.

The power of the master's hand is felt in every line, every curve and 

every shape.

"There isn’t a single lie in this chair. It has no mechanisms, it does not 

extend or fold, it does not move. It isn’t decorated. It does not adapt. 

It accepts you and frees you because your body is created and abides by 

the same laws and rules that guided the creation thereof." - Usta Darin


The first impression is always like hearing a beautiful melody, and hearing 

it very clearly. But there is also another reason for that. The chair, just 

as any work of Master Darin brings about knowledge. Knowledge which has been 

cumulated, stored and transmitted over the centuries by the great masters of 

the Tryavna art and woodcarving school in Bulgaria whom he has succeeded. 


Every aspect of the Master Darin's creations hold a special meaning and power. 

That is why we have the feeling of something that we recognize not so much with 

our minds but rather with the fibers of our body. A sense of antiquity. 

Of harmony. Energy. Balance.


Be sure to visit Usta Darin at MIFF 2015!!