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The Ultimate Multitasker - MURO


Published 30th December 2014


"We listened, did our own research and saw the future." Matthew Law, CEO of Versalink Group

said with such pride that depicts the company's timely rise to dominance. Starting as a

veneer office furniture maker in the early 90s', Versalink grew into one of Malaysia's 

top office furniture specialists with 450 employees and a string of prestigious awards.

"Furniture must fulfill more complex needs in order for employees to function well,"

he pointed out. "We design products that enhance productivity and we strongly believe

in performance by design. The beauty of systems furniture is that it can easily adapt

to many different work phases." Mr. Law said. 


Versalink's maiden venture into systems storage reflects this thinking. The ultimate

multitasker, Muro is a modular office storage system that consists of multidimensional

cabinets with features that respond to the individual user's requirements.


It can be combined and reconfigured into a space divider, storage, TV console or even a

combination of all three. Knockdown components mean Muro can be flat-packed. Because

of all the flexibility that was built into the design, you can take it down and reassemble it 

in another location in 20 minutes, tops.

2014 is a big year for Versalink as they got listed on the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

"People who attend exhibitions constantly look for something fresh. We were able to

develop a product like Muro through the years of understanding the industry by 

participating in MIFF." Mr. Law said. "By combining trends with needs, Muro will 

hopefully excite MIFF visitors." 

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