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MIFF 2015 Exhibitor Focus 5


Published 4th December 2014

Of the billions of dollars of Malaysia’s furniture exports, around 90 percent 

of them are made of wood, growing by approximately RM1 billion over the past 

6 years, and reaching to literally all corners of the globe. It is fast gaining 

recognition in less familiar territories as well. For instance, Malaysia’s export 

of wooden furniture to certain parts of South America like Colombia increased by 

over 150 percent over a 2 year span recently.


At the moment, Malaysia is the third largest exporter for upholstered wooden frames 

in the world, and holds the sixth largest market share for dining tables and other 

wooden furniture.


Feast your eyes on some products of first-class wood based furniture manufacturers

of Malaysia, that will also be proudly present during MIFF 2015 3 - 7 March.

Sim Hup Seng Furniture Sdn Bhd

Sim Hup Seng Furniture Sdn Bhd

Timber Art Design Sdn Bhd

Titov Sdn Bhd


Seng Yip Furniture Sdn Bhd

Gamma Wood Sdn Bhd

Eurospan Furniture

Eurospan Furniture Sdn Bhd


Malaysian wooden furniture is no stranger to the world, but it takes a combination 

of various elements to produce quality furniture for the world to reach those heights. 

The availability of raw materials coupled with technique and labour clearly tops the 

requirement list, and Malaysian manufacturers are definitely not shy in those aspects.


For one, Malaysian manufacturers benefit from well managed forests. Malaysia has its 

own certification scheme called the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS), which 

is operated by the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC). The MTCS provides 

independent assessments of forest management practices in Malaysia to ensure the 

sustainable management of Malaysia’s forest as well as to meet the demand for certified 

timber products.


The MTCS gained international recognition after having been endorsed by the 

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), the world’s largest 

certification programme. The MTCS is the first tropical timber certification scheme 

in the Asia Pacific region to be endorsed by the PEFC.


The machinery used is undeniably up there with the best, equivalent to the standard

technology being used elsewhere in the world. A traditional woodcarving culture coupled

with targeted investments in furniture sector training schools in past decades have

resulted in well qualified workforce as well. In addition, possessing a huge pool of

relatively cheap labour for production, results in high quality products at a bargain price. 


To explore more on the species and usage of Malaysian wood in furniture or even beyond that,

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