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MIFF 2015 Exhibitor Focus 4


Published 21st November 2014


Research has shown that the average office worker spends more than ten 

hours a day sitting (you probably are while reading this). All thanks 

to the wonders of technology, it came to a point where you can do 

anything, everything sitting down with your trusty overheated laptops. 

Mobility is no longer needed for getting the job done. Not too sure if 

that's a blessing though.


No doubt it increases productivity (or at least I think it would). But at 

what cost? Sitting adds large amounts of pressure to the back muscles 

and spinal discs, potentially causing serious health issues. Sitting on 

a proper chair however, significantly decreases these risks.  


The solution? Well of course changing what you do for a living is one, or 

you can try going for standing desks like what some Scandinavian countries 

practise, but it's probably easiest to just get a better chair.


MIFF is home to quality office furniture manufacturers, producing the finest office

chairs that are on par with the world's best, with emphasis on ergonomics being

the core of each carefully crafted piece. With innovative seating suspensions and

adjustable to the user's physical proportions, office chairs available at MIFF are

meticulously designed to maximize back support and maintain good posture. 


Procasa Industries Sdn Bhd

Chueng Shine Co Ltd



Aries Furniture Sdn Bhd

Safari Office Systems Sdn Bhd


With more than 100 office furniture experts to choose from at MIFF covering 20% of

total exhibition space, you will be spoilt for choice. Take your pick.