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More Fab Furniture


Published 26th May 2014


Fella Design

Fella specialises in fabric sofa, usually

creating classical designs. For this year,

Fella is mainly highlighting their modern sofas,

playing with fabrics, put more

colours, use stripes or make them

simply plain. The shapes are more

streamlined. Fella tries to come up with

different designs each year, making

their products more elegant and with

better fabrics. Aside from sofas, Fella also

sells armchairs, lazy chairs and

wooden chairs. In 2015, Fella remains

optimistic in attracting more worldwide buyers,

and are looking forward to a successful MIFF. More ...



Ascent Furniture International

The company focuses on selling bedroom

and dining sets. Ascent buyers love their

‘full concept.’ They buy a full collection.

Ascent Furniture International takes pride in

their design and quality, using veneer as well as solid

wood like rubberwood. They travel a lot to places like

Milan to get inspiration, working closely with customers,

as they claim, has helped them in developing

new products too. More ...



Glory Furniture and Furnishing

Glory Furniture and Furnishing manufactures wooden beds.

Their bestsellers are the single and bunk beds and they are

targeting promotional items. Quality-wise, Glory uses rubberwood

and LVL [laminated veneer lumber], more importantly, it is priced

competitively too. For MIFF 2015, they have high hopes and expect a roaring

sea of international queries and sales as well. More ...



Jiaxing Rubelli Furniture

Older folks with health problems will welcome 

Jiaxing Rubelli's new Leisure Bed Sofa with excellent therapeutic 

benefits that include better circulation and breathing.

It helps with swelling, acid reflux, post-surgery 

healing and back pain. The fact that it is a sofa bed 

means that your therapy is done while relaxing in the 

living room luxuriously and conveniently.



Eng Lian Import and Export Trading


Selfie-addicts alert! You will love the

funky standing mirrors that make

looking in the mirror more fun. The stand

is made of PVC and its compact size

spells space-saver for small rooms that

cannot fit wide, body-length mirrors.

Impressively, this mirror works as well

for body-length views despite its size. It

comes with a few colours to choose from


– colourful being Eng Lian’s style.