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Indulge in Splendid Pieces


Published 10th April 2014

Delano Furniture Industries

This gorgeous multi-purpose shelf by Delano Furniture Industries

could ignite a reading revolution. Inspired by, and shaped like,

a crescent moon, the Arch makes a chic addition to any library.

Streamlined with a curvy spine, it saves space and looks good

standing alone, or clustered together in a circle to make the

ultimate style statement. Move over sexy librarian, enter sexy

library! Find out more here!


Forest Research Institute Malaysia

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) has come up with a 

revolutionary rubberwood that has been treated by high 

temperature drying (HTD), a process that eliminates the use of 

borates, enhances timber stability and accelerates processing 

time from two weeks to two days.

Its application in Woodview’s Through & Through collection 

Was on display during MIFF at the centre stage which drew 

large crowds. Fashioned out of reclaimed rubberwood and edged 

with tree barks, these beautiful  bartop and dining sets reveal a 

beautifully intricate grain pattern, adding character as well as a 

strong design element to any furniture. The exact shape and curves 

of each log is different, so no two pieces  will ever be identical. Find out more here!



Lenchong Metalworks

Want to inject some individuality to your bedroom without the same old

generic rectangular pieces? Then Lenchong Metalworks’ products are 

just the thing for you. Imaginative headboards will add fun and flair to 

any setting. The mind boggles at the amount of skill and care that 

must go into bending the pieces of metal into their respective curves. 

Yes, each piece in Lenchong is lovingly handcrafted! Click to find out more!



Who would have thought that one day, furniture could be shifted around like 

Rubik’s cubes? Enter Heveapac’s modular storage solutions, which take on 

the shape of cubes, letters in the alphabet and even–gasp–the  dollar sign! 

Ingenious yet simple, you can mount them on the wall or use them as a room 

divider; display your treasures or hide your clutter; use them on their own or 

stack them up like an interlocking jigsaw puzzle. Whatever your needs are, 

the clean design and vibrant colours make them one of MIFF’s most flexible, 

versatile and covetable solutions. Find out more here!