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20 First Dates with MIFF!


Published 2nd April 2014

For the last 20 years, the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) has grown into

Southeast Asia’s No. 1 furniture fair and a global Top 10 industry show. Every year, MIFF

hosts more than 500 international and Malaysian exhibitors that display their latest

collections and designs for bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, children,

office, commercial foyers, hotel lounges and outdoor living. The exhibitors’ yearly

showcase has attracted quality buyers who buy in bulk on the spot.


These are the exhibitors joining MIFF every year. Let’s see what they have to offer…




Getting organised at the office is a lot easier now with the latest storage systems from

JEMARAMAS JAYA, a company specialising in office furniture. At MIFF 2014, Jemeramas

showcased Cubo and Muro, the newest additions to its collection of sleek and well designed

filing and storage products. 

Cubo is similar to stackable boxes or “cubes,” where you can put  office items, bric-a-brac or curios. 

Made of melamine faced chipboard, the Cubo features a  timeless, contemporary look. It can be 

used at home or at the office as a divider, or a wall  accent of sorts depending on the available space. 


“Cubo is about understanding space,” says Ryonn Leong, Export Manager. Muro meanwhile has 

more accessories for storage and  organisation. Made of MFC and aluminum profile, it boasts of 

design elements that give it a more premium look compared to Cubo. Find out more!





SENI DAYA WOODS is a huge player in the baby furniture arena, not just in Malaysia but in the

international market as well. Selling baby cribs, baby cots, and cradle chairs since 1987, the

company has found its niche in the furniture needs of the 0-6 age group.


By joining the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF), Seni Daya’s market exposure

has increased 30% every year. “MIFF is a good channel for local exhibitors and has provided

worldwide exposure to our products,” said Alan Teo, Marketing Manager. “In the coming years,

I hope they will expand to bigger halls, to make it easier for international buyers,” he added.

This year at MIFF, Seni Daya’s expanded baby room showcase focused on trendy designs and

colours. The company’s line of baby furniture products boosts of not only quality, but also of compliance

to international safety regulations. Find out more!





CHEA-EE Industries specialises in the production of office furniture components such as worktops, 

cabinets and pedestals. The company has been in the business for more than 10 years. 


“Office furniture is considered one of the most demanding furniture in the world. We bank on that

particular inspiration,” said Mr. Woo Chin Ee, Director. Sharing his views on joining MIFF on its

20th anniversary, he said: “It is our pleasure to be able to participate all these years. MIFF has 

always been a good platform for buyers from around the world to understand more about the 

capability of furniture manufacturers in Malaysia. Joining MIFF really boosts the worldwide 

visibility of the Malaysian furniture industry,” Mr. Woo proudly shared.

Like in the past years of exhibiting at MIFF, CHEA-EE Industries assures its clients and potential

customers of the company’s capability of fulfilling their office furniture needs, without setting

aside good quality, and most of all, customer service. Find out more!