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MIFF Furniture Design Competition is Back!


Published 17th February 2014

A dream, with a little nudge can go a long way. Of course, the first step, the foundation has to be laid down right and MIFF is proud to be the ones laying it. And rightly so, MIFF has paved the way for humble dreamers and aided them in discovering new things and more importantly, themselves.

“The MIFF FDC 2013 was a really good experience and it was huge. Quite mind blowing, I must say. I’ve always dreamt of making it internationally one day and making one-piece luxury furniture. I hope that would really happen.” Ms. Kong Pek Kei, last year’s joint winner said. Given the doors that MIFF FDC has opened throughout the years, few would doubt that dream from realizing.“

It has exposed young designers and their ideas to the local furniture industry and increased their knowledge of furniture construction and product development for the market,” said MIFF Chairman Datuk Dr Tan Chin Huat. It is not only the young designers that are benefiting from the competition, but the industry as a whole. It is great to see manufacturers recognizing the potential of the rookies and willing to allocate resources for the production of the prototypes. If past years collaboration were to paint a picture, is that it was well worth it. In fact, some manufacturers were impressed to the extent of wanting to recruit them.

Apparently, they are not the only ones vying for these creative minds. “After MIFF, I received five to six job offers at the same time,” Ms Kok Wen Yee, last years’ other joint winner said. “It was really overwhelming and totally unexpected. Moreover, many designers from Thailand, Italy, UK, China and more gave me much good feedback.” So if this were to be of any indication for this year’s competition outcome, we can expect more than a handful of manufacturers to be licking their lips yet again.

Themed “Living Furniture, Leading Design”, MIFF’s fifth installment of the Furniture Design Competition is bound to turn heads come March. The short listed 10 finalists will be showcasing their creations in all its glory at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre from 4th to 8th March. Be there and be mind blown by homegrown talent. 


Furniture Design Competition 2014 Finalists and Entries 

Francis Lye Aik Theng:   MOTION 7 and XSR (chairs)

Lee Hui Ying:    2.GATHER (living room sofa)

Ling Ai Lian:   BARR (modern coffee table)

Muhammad Ammar Khaizuan:  TRIOSPIN (toys storage)

Nathan Liow Heng Yee:   HAYDEN BUREAU (work station)

Salmiah Aziz:   KINETIC 1.0 (public seating)

Shena Ong Jing Ting:  ROCKONING  (rock and dining chair)

Siow Xin Yi:   HICS (TV console and table)