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Eonmetall Systems - Setting the Benchmark


Published 6th February 2014




Promoting Creativity with Mix-and-Match

Pieces of steel rack can be used alone or creatively combined to fit various types of application and different space availability. Users can mix and match pieces of steel racks to form a final design, or to match the steel rack structure with other materials such as glasses and woods to create different types of furniture. In short, users are a allowed virtually no boundaries in creating a design that fits exactly to what is actually needed, while living up trendy ideas of design creativity and breaking out off a dull life!



Easy-Installation yet Solid 

All our steel rack products keep things easy for all users. We understand the modern lifestyle of today's people and thus we make sure that all our products can be easily installed. Manuals can be understood in no time by merely looking at graphics. Apart from the fact that steel by itself is extremely solid and strong comparing against other materials, our extensive experience and intelligence leveraged from Eonmetall ensure that only the highest quality and the most durable steels are used in the products of 180°Rack.

Quality and Affordability

Understanding the fact the both quality and affordability are fundamental elements for a business success, 180°Rack is going all out to strike the best of both worlds and we are committed to offering quality products and services at affordable prices. Through innovative ideas, relentless research and development, and various other best business practices, we stay cost competitive without sacrificing product integrity. We are not compromising any of the quality and affordability in line with our customer-first business.


Every piece of our products is designed to be flexible and extendable while maintaining seamless connectivity of the formed end products to offer optimum aesthetic values. This powerful feature extends the capability of 180°Rack to cater for various applications, purposes and areas of usage. More importantly, this feature helps saving space by stacking up racks in the z-dimension. Land is scarce, and 180°Rack provide the best solution for your storage capacity at the lowest possible land cost!.