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Published 23rd January 2014

As some foreign markets tend to have higher standards or requirements for imports acceptance, getting your furniture tested and certified by FRIM will automatically translate into higher credibility and global acceptance. Hence, it’s about time you take that initiative to understand more on FRIM’s furniture testing and gain an edge over others in the industry. 

Furniture Testing Laboratory (FTL) was established in 1989 and is one of the testing services under Advanced Processing & Design Programme of Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM). The main objective of FTL is to assist the local furniture industry to make improvements on product quality in order to comply with the international market. 

Types of furniture that can be tested at FTL are seating, tables, storage, office furniture, office screens, educational furniture, outdoor furniture, beds, and bunk beds. The tested sample will be drawn from a batch size which is representative of the production process. Test charges for the furniture depends on the complexity of the furniture design and normally varies between RM300 and RM1,800. Furniture tested by FTL speaks volume of the quality and provides solid reassurance to customers as they have been accredited by many recognised international bodies, most notably ISO 17025, FIRA, and ILAC-MRA.


Furniture IndustryResearch Association (FIRA) – provides a wide range of services that are not only dedicated to the global furniture supply chain, but also to furniture consumers, and continues safeguarding the industry through managing the Associations’ membership activity. A highly regarded association recognized in the UK and European market.

ISO 17025

FTL is the only furniture testing lab accredited by ISO/IEC 17025, which emphasises on management requirements, and technical requirements. Laboratories use 17025 to implement a quality system aimed at improving their ability to consistently produce valid results - a formal recognition of a demonstration of competence. 


International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation – Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC-MRA) represents over 70 economies and regional organisations, and has been known to provide accurate and reliable results. The MRA also supports international trade by promoting international confidence and acceptance of accredited laboratory data. 

At MIFF, as always, FRIM is the sponsor for the furniture test to MIFF Furniture Excellence Award and Judges Commendation Award. Winners of the competition will be entitled to a free test.