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Luxury Sleep: One-Stop Solutions for World-Class Mattresses


Published 30th June 2020

Fresh from its MIFF 2019 debut, Luxury Sleep is back for upcoming MIFF. Established in 2011, the company is a duly recognised – and certified – mattress expert in Malaysia, with more than 40 years of industry experience through its parent company. This experience, coupled with a worldwide presence, has helped shaped Luxury Sleep into one of the world’s largest mattress manufacturers and distributors, with market expertise tailored to each customer’s and region’s requirements.

Luxury Sleep

The company’s high standard is exemplified by its three core tenets: dedication, precision and trustworthiness – values that are infused into its products and customer service. Operating as an ODM and OEM, Luxury Sleep boasts more than 20 brands (both in-house and international) in its catalogue, specialising in mattresses, pillows, bolsters, divans… and other fine bedding items.

Luxury Sleep

As people spend about half of their lifetimes in bed (around 33 years!), selecting a supportive mattress is vital for a night of restful sleep – and for productivity in the waking hours. Luxury Sleep knows how important quality is, both in terms of sleep and bedding, and therefore, its factory produces the mattress’s main components, including PU foam, felt, fabric, latex and springs. This helps to not only control pricing but also ensures all of the products meet the company’s high standards. [read more]



Luxury Sleep - Back pedic

Designed by Australian sleep & orthopaedic experts, Back-Pedic mattresses are made to provide comfort and wellness for a better sleep experience.

Luxury Sleep - Musterring

Musterring is one of the best-known and highest pro¬le mattress brands. Since 1938, the company has stood for top quality, well thought-out functions, and a wide range of design ideas at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Luxury Sleep - Eclipse

Comes with clinically tested SPINAL ZONE lumbar supporting system, plus an exclusive GREENATEX natural latex padding and the EDGECARE Perimeter Support, making sure that you wake up feeling more refreshed every morning.


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