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'I Love MIFF' Video Contest


Published 11th March 2020

Share what you like the most about MIFF with ‘I Love MIFF’ Video Contest and you could stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

ILM Prizes

You can share your first MIFF experience, things that you love about MIFF or even your best MIFF moments to us. Be as creative as possible to increase your chances of striking viral gold on social media channels. The winning entries will be determined by (A) Creativity, (B) Originality, (C) Appropriateness to the Theme, and (D) Social media engagement.

Theme: I Love MIFF
- Tell your story with “I Love MIFF......”
- Content of video must reflect on (1) What you love most about MIFF, or (2) Your best moments/memory with MIFF
- Video duration: 30 seconds
- Make your video more interesting by adding any creative approach such as live-action, animation, whiteboard, motion graphic, typography, screencast, photomontage, etc. 

How to submit
1. Upload a 30-sec video on your preferred cloud storage
2. Complete the registration form
3. Then click “Submit” to enter
4. Share the video on social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and hashtag #iloveMIFF

Submission Requirements
1. Only ONE entry is allowed to be submitted by an individual.
2. Language: ENGLISH or any other languages with English subtitle.
3. Video length: 30 seconds
4. Video format: MP4 with a recommended video resolution of 720p with a clear audio quality. *Note: The orientation of the video must be in Landscape. 
5. Submitted entry must not exceed 300mb in size.
6. Participants MUST fill in the registration form.
7. Submission of entry should be submitted latest by 18 May 2020   
8. For further enquiries, please email MIFF team at [email protected]

Submission deadline
18 May 2020

Announcement of Winner
The winners will be notified via email or phone no later than 1 July 2020 or such other date as decided by the Organiser at its absolute discretion. 

It’s time to get your creative juice flowing. All the best!