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MIFF 2020 and Hmlet to Unveil Co-living Showcase


Published 16th January 2020

Growing trends of co-living

With a rising urban population around the world, co-living is increasingly as popular as co-working especially among Millennials. Co-living is the new answer to urban housing crisis as it provides affordable modern homes for urban residents that looking for places that promote a sense of community, as well as providing great accommodation.

According to Statista, people in Asia Pacific are the most willing to share their own assets, and received shared assets from others. The rise of the shared economy is propelling a new way of living, and the impacts on the real estate market. In Asia Pacific, the co-living market is increasing as more people migrate to cities for jobs and education opportunities. 

Hmlet Co-living Experience at MIFF 2020

The Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) is going to be better than ever as we have more exciting offerings to enhance your MIFF experience. We’re pumped to announce that MIFF and co-living specialist Hmlet will launch a showcase of co-living space furnished by some of Malaysia’s best market trend manufacturers at its 2020 edition in the first collaboration of its kind in Asia.

HmletPhoto credit: Hmlet

The project will highlight the new dimension of contemporary and affordable well-designed furniture offered in MIFF and complemented by the appeal of Hmlet’s growing co-living concept on a global platform.

Recognised as a top 10 global furniture show and the largest in Southeast Asia, MIFF opens the buying season in Asia in 2020 from March 6-9 at the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) and Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).  

Photo credit: Hmlet

Singapore-based Hmlet is the fastest growing co-living operator in the Asia Pacific with 100 locations in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Started in 2016, it provides custom-designed homes and living space which are highly popular with expatriates and mobile urban professionals. 

The Hmlet showcase will be located in MITEC. It will feature furniture hand-picked from well-established manufacturers with a reputation of being highly attuned to market trends, such as Inception Design, Johann & Joann, Luxury Sleep, Sinhuiwan Furniture, Deesse Furniture, Wasaniaga and Home Best Enterprise, which are exhibiting in MIFF.

Participating exhibitors in Hmlet project

These companies are known for their contemporary take on a wide range of home furniture from living room, dining and kitchen, bedroom, case goods to luxurious bedding, made from premium wood, laminated veneer, natural latex and other quality materials. 

HmletPhoto credit: Hmlet

“We are delighted to partner Hmlet on this unique initiative to bring new experience and business ideas to trade buyers. When it comes to co-living space, the selection of furnishings can be very challenging. Furniture must resonate with the tastes of a group of individuals, it has to be functional yet stylish, space saving, and exude a feel of home. Such products are driving market growth and they can be sourced right here in MIFF.”
- Ms Karen Goi, General Manager of MIFF
Photo credit: Hmlet  
Photo credit: Hmlet


“Hmlet is excited to partner with MIFF, reflecting the growing footprint of our business across borders. The collaboration reinforces our commitment to provide our members with custom-designed homes and innovative solutions for a refreshing balance of flexible living and a sense of community, a place they can socialise and feel totally at home.”
- Seb Worthington, Chief Product Officer at Hmlet    

Be sure to check out the showcase at MIFF 2020, 6 – 9 March

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