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HinLim's Urban Minimalist Approach - Don't they just make a sweet couple?


Published 13th January 2014

Ever wondered why jigsaw puzzles get people all excited? That sense of control over the “project” that you are personally piecing together one at a time just tends to draw you in doesn’t it? A compelling journey over a span of four decades, from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition, HinLim, has just taken the furniture industry a step forward. Driven by their strong commitment to satisfying customers’ desires, HinLim now enables you to have your say and piece together your very own ideal furniture.

SHAPE 2013/14 is one of HinLim’s exciting collections. This time, they are inspired by an urban minimalist approach with the fusion of contemporary colours and harmonies. The point of difference is, as customers have different preferences, they can choose and match their likings with a variety of selections in size, material and colour.

Check out HinLim’s two futuristic couples. Chanel meets Neo complement each other perfectly. Chanel, a chair of multiple personalities with a comfortable backrest, detachable cushion seat to get you into your comfy zone, plus the option of combining the frame colours and fabric colours. And Neo, a 3-legged gently curved dining table with various choices of tops. 

Fausta meets Harvey on the other hand has that ergonomic and flexible aspect to it. Fausta, inspired by the magical flying carpet comes in four different colours for its wooden frame and also its seat colours. Harvey on the other hand is full of fun. With endless combinations of tops and legs, colours and a choice of a 4-seater, 6-seater or 8-seater design, it just takes on so many personalities.  

At their peak, HinLim seem to do no wrong. Relevant designs priced competitively, with consumer requests efficiently dealt with within a day and shipped out within 14 working days, it is no wonder they are the frontrunners in the industry. HinLim - a prime example of what Malaysia has to offer. 

Visit Hin Lim Furniture Manufacturer Sdn Bhd at MIFF 2014. For more information, visit their website at www.hinlim.com