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Collaborative Workspace Solutions at MIFF OFFICE


Published 29th November 2019

Growth of Global Coworking

Co-working spaces fast becoming a trend worldwide and the industry continues to grow at a strong pace. According to GCUC and Small Business labs predict that the number of global coworking spaces will grow from 14,411 spaces in 2017 to just over 30,000 spaces in 2022. Coworking members will grow from 1.74 million in 2017 to 5.1 million in 2022 at an average annual growth rate of 24.2%. Asia-Pacific was already the world’s largest coworking market. 

Global chain as well as local coworking venues have expanded their reach especially in Southeast Asia due to its fast-growing economies and tech-savvy population. Apart from the growing number of start-ups, SMEs or digital nomad, large corporations and multinational companies are also following the trend and utilising this low-cost solution.

One-stop Office Solutions at MIFF

MIFF OFFICE provides one-stop office solutions for you, from design, manufacturer, supply and range of workspace design solutions. Buyers can expect variety of quality products with trendy designs to choose from where you can mix and match to curate an ideal workspace. Plan your visit to MIFF OFFICE during MIFF 2020, 6 – 9 March to check out exhibitors’ latest product collection.

Oasis Furniture Industries

Oasis Furniture Industries
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B23

Workplace design has never been easier! Delivering spaces that works for people, Oasis Design Lab has been studying on how people work and what kind of environment can be the best support for every office moment. Foster Pro is a collection that has integrated with workplace solution where focus work as well as connections are being taken care of. Just pick and drop Foster Pro solution into your project layout, and user experience shall be guaranteed!

Artwright (AHB Technology)

Artwright Group (AHB Technology)
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B05

Meet your office furniture supplier, Artwright Group. Right from the beginning, they are focusing on developing and producing high-quality furniture that pays off for their customers - in functional and in aesthetic terms. Artwright is an ISO 14001 certified environmentally responsible and ISO 9001 quality certified company.


Zenith Projects (ZenPro)
PWTC, Hall 2C, Booth 2C31

Zenith Projects (ZenPro) has been an active and progressive system furniture and workspace solution provider for the past 15 years, serving mainly local MNCs and overseas corporates.

Sundesk Venture

Sundesk Venture
PWTC, Hall 2B, 2B19

Sundesk Venture is one of the leading manufacturing company from Malaysia who is also an expert in making Height Adjustable Desk Frame (HAD) since 2013. Their core business is design and build for all type of high-quality manual/ motorise HAD, custom make the HAD for all MNG office project, support the demand for wholesales and importer/ exporter from global market. Their product also being tested and compliance with ANSI/ BIFMA X5.5-2014 and BS:EN527-1:2011 & BS:EN527-2:2016.

Reco-Aries Furniture

Reco-Aries Furniture
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B29

Minimalist yet functional workstation with everything within reach. This Kazura Series workstation by Reco-Aries Furniture is suitable for mid to large size installations. Reco-Aries Furniture is located in Muar, the Furniture City of Malaysia, a reputable furniture manufacturer run by a team with more than 20 years of industry experiences and has a keen insight on the worldwide market.

Vs Office Furniture

VS Office Furniture
PWTC, Hall 2B, 2B25

The 120 Degree Workstation by VS Office Furniture is a new collection with 120 degree shape workstation. Designed to meet today's working environment, it is practical and suitable for small office too.

Boston Office Furniture

Boston Office Furniture
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B50

Keep your office organised with stylish new product manufactured by MIFF long-time exhibitor Boston Office Furniture. With more than 25 years of expertise, they have been exporting to more than 60 countries such as Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and many more.


Artmatrix Technology
PWTC, Hall 2A, Booth No. 2A01

While open workspaces are currently in vogue, these creativity-inspiring collaborative workspaces often have one drawback - noise, especially when making important calls or when trying to concentrate on specific tasks. As a result, ArtMatrix has created Chatty Booth, a conducive space with noise reduction properties that allows users to work freely without distraction. Available in different sizes, from a personal phone booth to a two-seater discussion room and a four-seater meeting room. In addition, these fully enclosed rooms are equipped with lighting, ventilation, power sockets and a table top... which begs the question: What more could you possibly need?

Merryfair Chair

Merryfair Chair System
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B02

MIFF's long-time exhibitor, Malaysia's Merryfair Chair System has been participating in MIFF since 1995. The company has been marketing its products to more than 100 countries and has succeeded in creating a niche market with furniture that has a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical, value, functionality, durability and price

Stellar Limited

Stellar Limited
PWTC, Hall 2A, Booth 2A09

Stellar Limited provides end-to-end customized furniture and interior solutions for offices and commercial establishments from concept to completion. Established in 1988, Stellar has become a name to reckon with, across India and 70 countries around the world. Stellar is also known for its quality, variety and wide price spectrum.

Linak Actuators         Linak Actuators

Linak Actuators
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B13

Introducing Desk Frame 2 (DF2), a complete frame by Linak Actuators. It is characterised by a rethought frame concept, evolved around a new top frame called the Beam which contains all electronics including the motor and all cable wiring. DF2 features the new anti-collision technology, Desk Sensor™️ 1, ensuring that collisions with obstacles do not damage the furniture. The DESKLIFT feet is used for mounting the lifting columns on the DF2.


Sun Safes Mfg

Sun Safe Mfg
PWTC, Hall 2B, Booth 2B16

As the company's name suggests, Sun Safe strives to provide products that encourage a comfortable and secure life. By introducing new-concept sages that offer ease-of-use in everyday life, Sun Safes' team members continually to enhance the industry's standards of quality.

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