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Grow your Wood Business with MIFF


Published 5th August 2019

Asia, Global Hub for Furniture Production

Asia including Southeast Asia is emerging as one of the major furniture producers and exporting region in the global market. According to CSIL, furniture production in Asia and Pacific from 2009 to 2018 has increased twice in volume while changes in other regions were comparatively minor. As a result, in 2018 more than half of the world’s furniture production took place in Asia and the Pacific. 

Production and export of wooden products will increase significantly as foreign companies are moving production capacity and orders from the leading furniture importers such as the United States has shifted to Southeast Asia including Malaysia as American buyers are looking for other sourcing destination.

Rising Demand of Raw Materials

The demand of raw materials for furniture making is rising due to the fast-growing furniture consumption

Malaysian furniture exports increased to RM4.14 billion in the first five months of 2019 compared to RM3.77 billion in 2018.  The country’s furniture exports is expected to grow at least 20% for the next three years. 

The demand for raw materials for furniture making is rising due to the fast-growing furniture consumption. As demand outweighs supply, countries such as Malaysia encourage manufacturers to import raw materials to supplement and augment supply availability, also to diversifying the industry’s processing expertise in using non-indigenous timber species.

Import Assistance Programme (IAP) initiated by the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) is one of the efforts to support the industry players. For more information, visit http://iap.mtc.com.my/ 

Malaysian Timber Council at MIFF 2019

Connecting your Business to the Global Wood Market

It’s time to level up your business by tapping into the foreign market in the most global marketplace in Southeast Asia.  

MIFF Timber Mart will return next year at the Malaysian International Furniture Fair (MIFF) 2020, 6 – 9 March at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), Kuala Lumpur. It is a one-stop wood and wood-related materials sourcing and trading platform, connecting you to global wood related product suppliers and trade buyers from around the world.  

Green Panel at MIFF 2019

Experience the trading power at MIFF Timber Mart, your access to trading opportunities in the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic economic region – Southeast Asia – to make valuable contact and meet new clients in a region of over 650 million people, thriving commerce, growing cities and rapidly expanding urban townships.

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Strong Asian Presence at MIFF

62.2% of MIFF trade visitors are from Asia region

Buyers in Asia are amongst the fastest growing ethnic buying group especially those from China, India and Southeast Asia. The profile of MIFF as an international sourcing hub has been reinforced by the significant number of strong buyers from China, Australia, Japan, India, United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, South Korea, Algeria, Sri Lanka, South Africa and those from Southeast Asian countries attending the show.

Gather at MIFF to look for suppliers and building business networks with 62.2% of those attending being trade visitors from Asia.  

MIFF Timber Mart 2019International Visitorship at MIFF 2019

Meet Relevant Buyers

Catch up with relevant buyers at MIFF as 48% of the trade visitors represent furniture manufacturers, interior designers, construction traders, and architects. 

MIFF 2019 Trade Buyers  MIFF 2019 Visitor Business Nature

Be part of MIFF Timber Mart 2020, 6 – 9 March to experience the trading power

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