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MIFF Furniverse是MIFF最新的线上活动体验,通过在线虚拟的环境,连接全球家具买家,让买家从世界的任何角落与参展商进行实时沟通洽商,仿如身在实体展会。

MIFF Furniverse提供了一个让家具行家进行业务,建立人脉的平台,将买家与值得信赖的供应商连接起来,让家具企业在这个充满挑战的时代持续发展.

全球家具市场充满了机遇! 采购家具从未如此简单, 只需轻动指尖,一键搞定。

MIFF Furniverse将使您的业务超越无限。

MIFF Furniverse 的特点:

  • 聊天/视频通话
  • 展厅
  • 商贸配对
  • 展商大厅
  • 在线研讨会@大讲堂
  • 大剧院
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MIFF Furniverse October 2021展后报告

随着前两届线上展会的佳绩, MIFF Furniverse 于2021 年 10 月再次迎来了秋季家具采购节并圆满落幕。

为期 5 天的MIFF Furniverse线上展会创下了 312 万美元的销售额,并吸引逾1061人次来自 83 个国家和地区的买家,其中包括43%新买家。

采购新产品及下订单是买家登录 MIFF Furniverse 的两大原因。 其中来自美国的买家位居榜首,其次是印度、菲律宾、英国、澳大利亚、加拿大、中国、新加坡、俄罗斯和越南。

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MIFF创意商务网络研讨会系列于 2021 年 10 月 MIFF Furniverse 期间举行,其研讨会重点关注后疫情时代的家具设计趋势。

Webinar Schedule

What will be the next major design trend that will be seen in residential and commercial spaces? What colours will dominate our lifestyle? What will be the key differences in trends pre-pandemic and in the new norm? Will 2022 be the year of using sustainable materials in furniture? Or is technology going to be a huge part in furniture designing?

Join the talk of the town and find out the upcoming design trends.


Peter Pedersen (General Manager, Market Development, Sourcebynet Pte. Ltd. Singapore)

Peter has shares more than 10 years of experience in the furniture industry with the various positions held within market development and sales worldwide. His current organisation, Sourcebynet, has also established an exceptional relationship in the Southeast Asia market for more than 10 years and together with their experience in operating in the furniture industry, Sourcebynet is the market-leading service in indoor furniture design, sourcing, and delivery.

Walter Tan (Managing Director, Elemental Republic Sdn Bhd)

Walter is an industry veteran with 27 years of experience, Walter Tan designs and develops a variety of furniture for markets all over the world. Elemental Republic is a wooden furniture manufacturer in China. He is also a furniture design consultant for a Sydney-based company. Mentor to a group of young designers called “Pattern Banyak” for the Millennials@Design showcase in MIFF in 2018 and 2019.

Lim Bo Qiang (Design Entrepreneur, Paperworks Studio & Basicology)

Bo Qiang is a design entrepreneur with interior & furniture design background, running interior design Paperworks Studio & furniture brand Basicology with his team. Initiating Malaysian original design movement with FDC team under Millennials@Design (MAD) platform, which is incubated & supported by MIFF.


Dr Eric Leong (Assistant Professor & Dean of Art & Design Faculty, New Era University College, Malaysia)

Dr Eric Leong (also known as 'DREL') has been a celebrity design guru for 30 years. Having presented a popular home makeover series and other lifestyle shows (aired on Malaysian television and radio), he's been deservedly crowned the “King of Design”.

Watch the recording of The Design Trend 2022 »

Eyeing to collaborate with Polish companies or export your products to the Polish market? If these are what you are looking for now, then don’t miss out the sharing from industry experts of the Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry and Polish Investment and Trade Agency. This webinar will introduce the Polish wood and furniture industry, the diverse offerings of Polish furniture manufacturers, the top Polish manufacturers operating globally in the furniture branch and current trends in the sector.


Rafał Gruszczyński (Project Manager, Polish Economic Chamber of the Wood Industry)

A graduate in Agricultural Economics at the Agricultural University of Poland. Rafal has been working in the Chamber for 10 years, responsible for the international cooperation and market analysis. The Polish Economic Chamber of Wood Industry is one of the biggest Polish self-regulatory organizations which brings together producers of wood products.

Wojciech Chatys (Senior Consultant, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Warsaw, Poland)

Graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. Wojciech is a well experienced senior consultant in the headquarters of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Warsaw, Poland.

Przemysław Zaręba (Head of Foreign Trade Office in Kuala Lumpur, Polish Investment and Trade Agency)

Graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice, Poland. Przemysław has then worked at various countries in the Southeast Asia region since 2012. In April 2018, he helped set up the Foreign Trade Office of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency in Malaysia and has supported in bridging businesses for both Polish and Malaysian companies and investors.

Watch the recording of Wood and Furniture from Poland »